Funding Options.

Individual Therapy

Medicare offers a rebate of $137.05 for referrals with a Mental Health Treatment Plan organised by your General Practitioner. As per current guidelines, you are able to claim up to 10 sessions per calendar year.
You are also able to claim rebate with your Private health insurance for sessions that are charged privately. The claimable amount depends on your level of cover. You cannot claim both Medicare and Private Health rebates for the same session.
Please note: Online payment processing incurs a fee of approximately 2%.
$280per session
  • Evidence-Based
  • Individualised
  • Collaborative
  • Holistic
  • Fee scaling is an available option at the practice

Neuropsychological Testing.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment for ADD/ADHD: Battery includes a test of deficits in Executive Functioning ($300), Wechsler Adults Intelligence Scale ($500), Connors Self-report and observer multimodal rating scales ($250), Standard ADHD Report ($300).

          Fee: $1350 

Assessment of deficits in executive function: assist with intervention for ADHD and specific skill - areas to address in intervention.

          Fee: $300 

***Please note: Fees do not include cost for Clinical Interviews.

Group Therapy

Fee: $90 per session 

Funding options: Medicare offers a rebate of $32.90 per consultation for referrals organised by your General Practitioner under a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Group Therapy spots are subject to availability.