You will need to attend a consultation with your General Practitioner and discuss your current mental health needs.

They will then send through a referral to the practice, i.e. –  and addressed to the specific practitioner.  

The referral will be valid from the date it has been written. A review will be necessary following the 6th, and 10th treatment session for ongoing treatment under your MHTP.

Your therapist will remind you when it is time for a review.

For the moment, our practice is only offering online consultations. 

Unlike chatting to friends – Therapy offers an objective space focusing entirely on your needs. Further, a clinical/Psychologist is trained in understanding core features in human behaviour. Modalities on offer have strong scientific rigour and have been shown to be effective with a variety of mental health concerns.


Psychiatric medications can be only prescribed by medical professionals trained in mental health such as a Psychiatrist, or your General Practitioner.